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Dec. 21st, 2010

(no subject)

So the inconsistent author of this journal is back. This time to talk about my recent emotions. I realised this is a great place for me to discuss these things as I can release my thoughts while knowing no one will read this...

Well, recently I've made a lovely boyfriend, but at times I'd feel we'll be in a tight spot. I seem to be more insecure than him though as he says my face is too serious/worried over the smallest matter. It's my first ever relationship with a boy, so obviously I'm more worried and uncertain than other girls who have had experience. I have a lot of faults too, but I don't think they're too hard to ignore as no one's perfect... but... when he says he doens't like this aspect of me, my emotions take flip over and I become depressed. I hate the fact that he has the ability to change my emotions like mother nature with the unpredictable weather. I want to be stronger and not have him see my crying face whenever he says those words to me. I wish he knew how he affects me... I've become some mentally weak when I'm not next to him... I only seem to think about him.

Just yesterday when we met up at my university, I was really determined to study, but he seemed otherwise. He was really touchy and focused only on me... I wanted to study so I pushed him away and told him to study, as that was why we were there... Then he got upset and said I've changed since travelling with him.. I asked him "how" and he said I should figure that out myself... Exactly how do I do that when I don't know! So I got upset at his vague response that wanted me to change without suggesting what exactly... and he pulled me in for a tight hug when realising. What should I do. My heart inflates and deflates at his command. Oh dear :(

I don't want to be needy and sulky. I hope to acheive this next year when I'm in Japan by myself... and he's 3hrs away from me... Won't get to see him often.

So my New Years Resolution is to find a balance for myself where I can be independent when I'm not with him. A woman needs to be headstrong to achieve things in life.

May. 23rd, 2010

50 miscellaneous things

1. I Youtube too much
2. Is feeling unsure about my decisions
3. Ate rice and pork chops for dinner
4. Cannot wait for my In Country Study next year
5. Has a very messy room
6. Though I am organised with assignments, meet ups and etc
7. Punctual
8. Hate driving
9. Favourite idol is Yamashita Tomohisa
10. Learning Japanese
11. Is a quiet person but I believe that I'm friendly
12. Has strong beliefs
13. Does not follow the crowd to feel "secure"
14. Is 4"9
15. Cannot wait to see what my future unfolds
16. Loves creating everlasting friendships
17. I adore my family as they have done so much for me and cared for me greatly
18. Has a tendency to complicate things
19. Hates people that are never on time
20. Tutors children since I am studying to become a Primary Teacher
21. Hates people that mistreat their parents and family
22. Believes in humbility
23. Tries to be well mannered at all occassions
24. Has a short temper
25. Is LAZY
26. Loves to eat out with friends and family
27. Googles random things
28. Sleeps at 6-7am during the holidays
29. I am trying to grow up to be like my mum. She's fantastic
30. Doesn't play games
31. Reads yaoi
32. Hates loud and arrogant high school students
32. Likes to wear purple
33. I'm Asian ? Haha
34. Hasn't had a crush on anyone for a long time
35. Is horrible at apologising
36. I like people that are understanding and not conceited
37. Wishes the best for her parents
38. Loves her mum's cooking
39. Likes Karaoke !!!
40. I sing mainly Johnny's songs or Old School
41. I hate rap songs. Or songs that contain lyrics about drugs, sex and swearing
42. Love my airconditioner
43. Showers late at night
44. Believes that manners are an important quality to have in a human
45. Wants bigger eyes
46. I want to grow another 15cm. That will make me 1.62cm....lol
47. I love my two dear sisters
48. Talks like a boy when around people she is comfortable around
49. Is having issues at the moment with people who are unaware
50. I love to help people.

May. 13th, 2010

(no subject)

So, Winter's around the corner ! The days are definitely a lot colder than it was 3 weeks ago as well as the sun setting a lot faster...the days are so much shorter now :(

Well, at this very moment, I'm trying my best to finalise which 5 Universities in Japan I'd like to study at during my In Country Study in 2011.

Fingers crossed I'd get the first 2 of my preferences. I wouldn't mind the other 3...but really I've already got my heart set on the first 2.

I've been catching up with my friends a lot more recently since the University break has finished. It's sure great talking, eating and catching up with everyone :) Great times !

I really do wish I was more sociable and an initiator of things. It's rather difficult for me at times as I think it's ridiculous for you to be extroverted when really, you're not. It's as if you're becoming someone else in order for everyone to like you. Though, if you don't, you'd be casted from society and feel lonely... Being a human is rather difficult.

I intend to blog more often this year ! Haha. Fail of a blogger I am xD;

I'll definitely blog a lot more when I have my details for my ICS and what not.

Nov. 15th, 2009

みんなさん、ただいま~! ♥

It's been a while since I've babbled on this long forgotten blog, but I felt a sudden urge to update! yay =)
So how am I ? I'm pretty good. Taking everything in slowly as it comes. Couldn't get better. I'm finally able to go at my own pace after sorta a few things out.
Starting from Monday of the coming week, I'm going to start my fourth practicum! I'm very excited (and a bit scared) about what to expect from the students. That's normal though, I guess. Every school is different that I've been to, so I learn a lot and get to observe how the socio-economic area affects the school and students. It's rather interesting!
Though there's a downside... I start prac when summer has finally decided to start! Why now!??! Monday's basically 40 degrees..and Australian weather is not friendly at all. It's a suffocating heat. I hate summer! With passion too! So I hope I can last two weeks of scorching heat and teach effectively at the same time.
I hope I've garnered enough teaching skills during work (I tutor primary students). I want to reflect on how different I am since my third prac and this upcoming prac. My teacher's awesome too! Totally down to earth. yatta~ =)

Also, in 2 weeks...IM GOING TO JAPAN ! About time !! Been planning this trip for almost half a year, and it's finally surfaced til a fortnight's time !! WOO ! I realised the amount of souvenirs I have to purchase is going to be insane! LOL. I just realised I have to buy souvenirs for my tutoring peers as well as the 7 students...that's not including friends ! So probably around 30 bits of souvenirs...wheew...that's.. a lot. There goes my hard earned money. I hope I've exchanged enough LOL. I really wanna purcahse a lot of cute things from there ♥ ♥

Anyways, til my next unprecedented update...TAKE CARE ! ♥ =)

Here's a photo of me in 2008, for a friend's 18th birthday dress up. The theme was 60's/ music. I decided to dress up as the theme: Visual Kei! LOL. I know... nothing a like... but i think i looked okay ! LOL.
Yay! A first photo of myself on this blog! ♥

Apr. 8th, 2009

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

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Your power color: Turquoise

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Your power month: August

Apr. 6th, 2009


Alright, I'm feeling guilty from neglecting this blog. The reason is mainly cause I dont have much to update about...apart from my studies. That shouldn't be too interesting for you to read about haha. And guess what I'm doing right now! That's right! I'm doing yet another assignment! 30%...still pretty hefty -___-" Then jap quiz on tuesday~~ I swear they give us a quiz every week !

Mm...the only thing I did that was fun was on last friday. Met up with my cousins after uni and went to eat sushi! Y-U-M-M-O ! Was a bargain too! I'll definitely be returning since the staff was so polite =) I love Japanese service-- top notch! And they also make it fresh for you if you request them to~ so that's even better!

I also think I've lost a bit of weight. My tummy's more flat now =) so cheers to that ! Probably a result from skipping several meals a day cause of my whacked up sleeping routine...haha. Oh well. Least I get my work done and still am able to socialise with people to a certain extent haha

I wonder if anyone's even reading this.... meh. It's a place for me to talk about anything so i'm happy even if I have no readers lol.

Til then...take care! <3

Haha, I love OHMIYA SK ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Apr. 1st, 2009


I'm currently doing my assignment...which is worth a whooping 50%! Talk about pressure! I'm pretty brain dead too...and I don't have the slightest idea what to ramble about in it. urgh...

well, on a positive note...I managed to BARELY pass my Jap quiz. lol. 55%. How shit, lol. Well, least I passed I guess...so next test..bring it on! 

That's about it for my update! haha. Not much to say since my life is basically revolving around uni...I'd like to get a job though. Everyone at uni seems to have one cept me =( I feel like a hobo.

I seriously need to be more active with LJ, lol. I abuse it cause of the communities and awesome people that translate and sub JE videos. I'm really grateful though, that's why I've created this account to thank them haha =)

Till then, take care!

Mar. 11th, 2009

My past few weeks?

Well, I haven't been up to much lately, cept going to and from uni. Travel-wise...it's a pain in the butt, but fortunately I'm loving my course enough to put up with it :D
It's definitely worth it!

Anyways, just yesterday I emailed the organiser my interest to help out with the exchange students from japan! I hope I get accepted as I'd REALLY like to take them around Sydney! I mean it's my homeland so I'd like them to appreciate it as much as I do! :D

Oh oh! I also pre-ordered the NEWS 2009-2010 calendar! Lucky I oredered it before yesasia increased the price by like AUS $10... wheew...  and I also bought my little sister the DBSK calendar lol. yay. poor-ness. Though it makes  me feel like a splendid sister =) haha.

Ahh! I've started studying jap <3 I really love it! It's a lot of fun. The pace is a bit fast, but hey, I revise when i'm on the train to kill time LOL. 2 hrs...ugh... *faints*

This is how I feel about my assessments ! Ueno Juri is awesome-ness !

Jan. 29th, 2009

Firsty Post!

Okay I've just started with live journal out of interest of the band NEWS ! lol, pretty sad but I'd like to know as much as the group as possible =)
I am a HUGE fan of JE !

Well I'm on holidays at the moment...nothing much to do. I'll try my best to figure out how to use livejournal, so yoroshiku!